Assal Rehabilitation

2012- work in progress, Cairo Governorate.

Assal is the first comprehensive urban housing and rehabilitation project in mid-town Cairo. The region overlooks the central train station over an extent of 40 Fadden (168800 square meters). It is the oldest, and poorest, gathering ground of incomers to the capital from allover Egypt.

The solution often advocated is to evacuate the residents from their own built houses in order to displace them in out-of-the-way zones. Instead, our pioneering project offered a substantial upgrade of the original houses that people built for themselves, without disturbing the existing social relations. Offering a humane space to translate the community members’ dreams and wishes about their homes.

We use a lot of conventional building methods, including load-bearing walls and wooden ceilings. We provide all of the missing infrastructure and public service facilities. We also support the housing upgrade process with a massive social assistance. The rehabilitation of more than a thousand families has been completed as of today.